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My eyes and nose remodeled

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레이크 1,569 0 2015-11-30 21:15:06







About a month and a half ago, I received natural adhesion, non-incision double eyelid operation, rhinoplasty, and nostrils reduction from BAUM :). I've always had blepharoptosis on one eye, with asymmetrical double eyelids, and hooked nose with too wide a nostril ;(. People around me always told me that all I needed was a little adjustment to becoming perfect, so I went to BAUM for just consulting. But after my consulting, surgeons Suh and Park had all my trust, so I reserved my surgery right away, and proceeded to it the following week! I literally called them every single day because it was my first time getting a big surgery like this, for I was very scared, but consultants and surgeons were always so kind to me, and it really touched me. I'm not sure if it's because I got eyes and nose readjusted at the same time, but the swollen parts wouldn't seem to soothe out at all, but it was all a problem I needn't worry about after just three days! As my eyes and nose lines started to get fixated to their place people around me not only complimented me, but after a month or so, they also started to ask me about BAUM on where it is for their own consulting! Surgeons Suh and Park.. I really thank you for your infinite trust on me, and your job done on my miraculous new face compared to my countryside-looking past :).

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